20th July 2017


self ticketing

Control your own parking facilities!

One of the greatest benefits of the 21st century is the technology it brings, the power of the smart phone means you can control your own parking facilities without the need for Patrols or Automated Number Plate Recognition systems.

We provide you with everything you need to issue Parking Charge Notices to offending vehicles. Quick, simple and with our Compensation Scheme you can earn back any lost revenue.

All PCNs are issued via the post to reduce on-site confrontation. As PCNs are uploaded to our system, automatically where an internet connection is present, as soon as you’ve issued via our app that is your job done. Unlike other systems offered we don’t require you to send any further information; such as paper copies, or photos.

The reason for issue is tailored to your needs, we can enforce against any vehicle for any reason – you tell us your requirements.

Our state of the art permit system is flexible to your requirements: virtual or printed. All connected to your enforcement app. Simply login and upload what vehicle registration is permitted to park, as you issue a PCN the app will let you know if it is authorised.

This service is suitable for all ranges of clients; Shop Forecourts to Shopping Centres. No matter the size, or complexity in requirements Self-Ticketing can be an easy and cost effective route in controlling your parking facilities and earning back lost revenue. With Complete Cancellation Control you can not only issue the PCNs but also decide if we enforce them.

Also usable in conjunction with Patrols and ANPR.

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Self Ticketing Summary

• Issue Parking Charge Notice from phone
• Under 90 seconds to issue from app
• Receive compensation from PCNs
• PCNs issued via post, no confrontation
• Usable on any site no matter size/scope
• 100% free service