16th August 2017

What We Do

About Self-Ticketing

One of the greatest benefits of the 21st century is the technology it brings, the power of the smart phone means you can control your own parking facilities without the need for Patrols or Automated Number Plate Recognition systems.

We provide you with everything you need to issue Parking Charge Notices to offending vehicles. Quick, simple and with our Compensation Scheme you can earn back any lost revenue.

All PCNs are issued via the post to reduce on-site confrontation. As PCNs are uploaded to our system, automatically where an internet connection is present, as soon as you’ve issued via our app that is your job done. Unlike other systems offered we don’t require you to send any further information; such as paper copies, or photos.

The reason for issue is tailored to your needs, we can enforce against any vehicle for any reason – you tell us your requirements.

Our state of the art permit system is flexible to your requirements: virtual or printed. All connected to your enforcement app. Simply login and upload what vehicle registration is permitted to park, as you issue a PCN the app will let you know if it is authorised.

This service is suitable for all ranges of clients; Shop Forecourts to Shopping Centres. No matter the size, or complexity in requirements Self-Ticketing can be an easy and cost effective route in controlling your parking facilities and earning back lost revenue. With Complete Cancellation Control you can not only issue the PCNs but also decide if we enforce them.

Also usable in conjunction with Patrols and ANPR.

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Self-Ticketing Summary

• Issue Parking Charge Notice from phone
• Under 90 seconds to issue from app
• Receive compensation from PCNs
• PCNs issued via post, no confrontation
• Usable on any site no matter size/scope
• 100% free service

About Car Park Management

From small car parks to large multi-storeys, cash collection to profit shares, barrier control to pay-on-exit, there is a solution for you. We can install and run any number of systems to meet your parking requirements, no matter the size or scope. We tailor make our packages to suit your land or car park, for a fully bespoke package get in touch.

Installation included, we offer a one-stop service where we deal with everything from start to finish. Let us coordinated with builders, electricians and other contractors to get your car park up and running efficiently.

We are specialists in car parking management and what ever the questions we know the solution. You can be guaranteed that with our IPC audited signage and processes you’ll be in safe professional hands.

Utilising the latest Automated Number Plate Recognition systems and contactless pay-and-display machines to enable you to benefit financially. All enforcement services are available to be interchanged and connected to make a smoother service for you.

Cash Collection
Warning Signs
24 Hour Enforcement
Fully Bespoke Service

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Car Park Management Summary

• Fully Bespoke Solution
• Installation from Start to finish
• Pay-to-Park Solutions
• Fully Integrated
• Cash Collection and Remittance
• ANPR Systems
• Trained Wardens

About Parking Enforcement

With a reported 30 million vehicles now on the roads parking is becoming a more prized commodity. People parking in areas they’re not permitted, spending longer in commercial car parks and causing obstructions can affect business day-to-day. We can implement a parking control scheme to help minimise those issues, with signage alone deterring 80% of offenders before enforcement has even begun.

Using our Complete Cancellation Control you can ensure that customers and staff have their issues PCNs cancelled, and only offenders are penalised. Providing 100% transparency and providing a truly useful service.

Any condition can be enforced, through multiple enforcement types:

• Not being parked in a bay
• Maximum stay
• No return
• Customers Only
• Permit Holders Only
• Yellow vehicles parked with a tax disc on a Tuesday between 6pm and 6:30pm

No matter the condition we can enforce it, helping keep your parking facilities clear and increasing business profits.

We enforce using the following enforcement types:

• Wardens/Patrols
• Automated Number Plate Recognition
• Self-Ticketing

All of our services are bespoke, we can provide any system for your needs.

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Parking Enforcement Summary

• Fully Bespoke Solution
• 24/7 Enforcement
• ANPR Systems
• Self-Ticketing
• Trained Wardens
• Fully Visible Signage