Parking Enforcement

When providing you with 24/7 parking enforcement, we have two priorities: to guarantee parking enforcement that is 100% transparent and 100% fair to your customers, and to ensure that you have control over your facilities.

Our enforcement solutions are bespoke and can utilise any combination of enforcement routes:

• Patrols
• Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
• Self-Ticketing
• Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

All to provide you with smartest route towards reclaiming revenue and controlling abuse.

You can enforce:

• Maximum stay, with no returns
• No Permit/Unauthorised Vehicle
• Bay restrictions, such as disabled bay, parent child bay, EV charging etc
• No stopping/parking/waiting areas
• No payment/expired pay period
• Plus any other restrictions you can think of (think big)



Car Park Management

Trained Wardens, Pay-And-Display Systems, Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) services - whatever’s needed to manage your facility, we can supply it.

ANPR is a particularly popular element in our management solutions. ANPR’s automated nature means that it is able to integrate seamlessly with a range of convenient parking systems. We’ll also coordinate the implementation of these systems from start to finish, providing an integrated one-stop service for setting up your facility.

The ability for us to  process and provide analytical data from ANPR cameras, as well as other software and hardware we utilise means you can have a deeper understanding of how your customers are using your parking  facilities.

A cheat sheet, opening the door to a deeper understanding of your facilities.

Some of the options available to you are:

• Pay-By-Phone
• Cloud Pay-On-Exit
• Pay-And-Display
• Permit Management
• Contractor Management


Parking Hardware

Parking isn't just about Enforcement and Management, sometimes the hardest part for your patrons is navigating to a bay and understanding parking conditions.

This is easy remedied and comes standard with all our services.

• Speed Bumps
• Line Marking
• Kiosks
• Posts
• Payment Machines
• Direction Signage
• Bollards

Our parking services deliver not just an increase in revenue and decrease in abuse, but also help improve your patrons experience.


ANPR Reporting

Controlling parking abuse and generating income isn't the only benefit to our service. When utilising our Automated Number Plate Recognition systems we can tell you some useful facts about your car park usage. These include:

  • Visit Duration
  • Repeat Visits
  • Untaxed Vehicles
  • And more..

Knowing how your car park is being used can be more important than the enforcement and management on-site. When you're aware of how your customers, or abusers, use your car park it can give businesses a better understanding of how to tailor their day-to-day operations.

Visit Parking Enforcement for more information on the best services to implement for your parking facilities.

GDPR Compliance

With an industry centred around personal data we have to ensure it is correctly handled and processed. The  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives a nationwide standard for all business to follow to ensure  data processing and handling meets its vigorous standards.

The parking industry isn’t like most, we operate on  a legitimate interest model whereas  due to our relationship with our clients we collect personal information (such as vehicle registration numbers) to pursue motorists for an unpaid parking charge relating to a breach of contract; ensure safety, security and help deter/detect criminal activity.

We hold our self to a high standard to ensure we meet all requirements under this new regulation. Anything used to help identify an individual is processed immaculately and carefully to ensure compliance. Everything from signage and letters, to our websites or even  how to reply to correspondence is  tailored to ensure that we have  complete transparency on how data is  used, while ensuring that data is only  seen by the relevant parties.

With our high levels of compliance you can be  assured your facilities are being looked after in the most efficient and commendable way.