With an industry centred around personal data we have to ensure it is correctly handled and processed. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives a nationwide standard for all business to follow to ensure data processing and handling meets its rigorous standards.

The parking industry isn’t like most, we operate on a legitimate interest model whereas due to our relationship with our clients we collect personal information (such as vehicle registration numbers) to pursue motorists for an unpaid parking charge relating to a breach of contract; ensure safety, security and help deter/detect criminal activity.

We hold our self to a high standard to ensure we meet all requirements under this new regulation. Anything used to help identify an individual is processed immaculately and carefully to ensure compliance. Everything from signage and letters, to our websites or even how to reply to correspondence is tailored to ensure that we have complete transparency on how data is used, while ensuring that data is only seen by the relevant parties.

With our high levels of compliance you can be assured your facilities are being looked after in the most efficient and commendable way.

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