20th July 2017

Extended Payment Program

Finding out you have been issued with a Parking Charge Notice is the worst feeling in the world. It comes with all the stress of finding out all the details of when, where and why.

Most of the time you are already fighting the clock on the procedures to follow, but at Parking Awareness Services we aim to make the process as streamlined as possible for all parties involved. What makes us different? We also value the service that people receive when dealing with a Parking Charge Notice. As part of this, we give you 28 days to pay the reduced fee. Yup, 28 days – because we know how busy and stressful life is.

Our system automatically allows you 28 days to settle the PCN at the reduced charge before increasing to the full amount. We are the only Parking Enforcement company to offer 28 days reduced payment period. We feel that you have been penalised enough just by being issued with a PCN, there’s no need to add to that stress with strict deadlines. Through our own research, we have discovered that the majority of people would be happy to pay the reduced amount straightaway or they contact us after the first 14 days requesting to pay the reduced fee. So it made perfect sense to us to offer a longer reduced payment period as standard protocol.

With 60% of all payments we receive being the lower charge amount, and 20% of those were requested by the motorist.