20th July 2017

Compensation Scheme

Our Compensation Scheme is tailor-made for ease. We recognise that parking management can put a lot of stress on property owners and although we aim to remove all of that stress; sometimes its still something landowners worry about.

Often, parking issues on private land equates to a loss of earning for the landowners. If your customers cannot park outside your establishment why would they use the service you offer? The Compensation Scheme has been devised to penalise those that abuse the system. Visitors that are permitted on-site and are using your services can come and go as you please. Those pesky parkers that aren’t using your facilities and are costing you valued customers and income, will be issued a PCN.

The aim of our scheme is to try and recover & reimburse you, for that loss; whilst implementing a management system that will reduce that loss in the first place for you. We calculate quarterly the amount of PCNs settled in full and send you your compensation. It is that simple.

We paid out over £65,000 in compensation in 2016 to car park and shop owners across the United Kingdom.