15th August 2017

Who Are We

Parking Awareness Services was founded in 2011 and we have come so far in that time! We offer services that people are proud to use & refer.

We are considered as creative and on the ball when it comes to the industry, offering competitive and groundbreaking services. The focus of most companies these days is all the posh swanky all-singing-all-dancing things they can offer. At Parking Awareness Services our first focus is the customer - what is best for them. Then we focus on the best way to offer it to them and finally comes the presentation of that service. The most important aspect of management of any sort is customer service, and we like to be top of our game with that.

Parking Awareness Services is a completely malleable service, we can do what you need us to do. Car Park management, ANPR, Pay and Display or even Self ticketing. Whatever you need we will endeavour to provide. We will make sure that our service is exactly what you need to reduce the stress that parking is causing in your life and increase your turnover whilst we are at it! Our team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - so we can always deal with a query.

Our amazing customer service sets us apart from everyone else. We want to make life easier for everyone so we have also come up with some real trailblazers:

  • Extended Payment Period - the only company in parking management to offer this - which means if issued with a PCN you get 28 days to pay the reduced amount. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers on this front.
  • Fair Use Policy - means that there shouldn't be any detrimental effect on your facilities because we don't penalise people that are supposed to be there or have made a mistake. We want to keep the experience of visiting your establishment one that doesn't scare off your valued customers or family. We urge people to appeal so that their PCN can be dealt with efficiently.
  • Compensation Scheme - we understand that unruly parking can be costly to your business. So as well as trying to minimise the pesky parkers we can offer compensation for every PCN that is settled in full where you've made a loss. This is another of our industry leading schemes where we can give back to the landowner, and reduce their loss of income even further.
  • Complete Cancellation Control - we give 100% transparency, this lets you see what we are doing but also cancel any issued PCN. Giving you complete control over your car park, and the service we offer.

Legal Information


• Member of the International Parking Community (IPC)
• Subscriber of the Independent Appeals Service (IAS)
• Supporter of Disabled Motorists UK


• Public Liability – £5,000,000
• Employee Liability – £10,000,000