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Founded in 2011, we provide the latest parking solutions to landowners and managing agents across the United Kingdom. We believe the parking industry is changing, and with that so will parking companies.
Looking towards new technologies and implementing groundbreaking policies keeps us at the forefront of the industry. Parking Enforcement and Car Park Management are our bread-and-butter, something we've spent our years obsessing over.

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• Member of the International Parking Community (IPC)
• Subscriber of the Independent Appeals Service (IAS)
• SafeContractor  - Health and Safety
• ISO 9001 - Quality Management System
• ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System


• Public Liability – £5,000,000
• Employee Liability – £10,000,000
• Drone Public Liability - £1,000,000
• Drone Professional Indemnity - £50,000

Parking Enforcement

Stop abuse on your car park, with 24/7 enforcement. Any conditions can be enforced, using a variety of methods: Patrols, Automated Number Plate Recognition, Self Ticketing and Closed-Circuit TV.

Parking Management

We can implement, maintain and where required collect all pay-to-park monies, as well as look after the car park maintenance. We'll deal with contractors and also distribute permits. A full 360-solution.

Parking Hardware

Customers need to know where to park, and how to do it. By installing parking hardware, your customers will be fully aware of what to do and where to go at all times. It comes standard with all our services.

Our Services

The system that never sleeps, 24/7 enforcement with all the benefits. Able to enforce; Overstays and Digital Permits, as well as provide usage reports of your car park. Installation through mains power, or solar it can be installed anywhere.

Enforcing No Parking or Waiting zones, catching vehicles not in a bay and even disabled bay enforcement is what CCTV excels at. An inconspicuous system, which has a member of our team behind a screen like a hawk - looking for those that should be enforced against.

Our Policies

Flexible Service Period - Being locked into a contract is a pain, usually it means the parking company can give up trying. We run rolling monthly contracts to keep us on our toes.
Fair User Policy - Unlike other companies we urge people to appeal, so we can deal with any mistakes before they escalate. As well as manually check every PCN issued.
Extended Payment Program - The lower charge amount is available for the first full 28 days, not 14 days like the others. Enabling our helpers to accept one charge step lower at every stage.
Complete Cancellation Control - We believe in 100% transparency, you can see everything we do and even cancel PCNs issued without giving us notice. How it should be, it is your car park after all.